What To Expect With The Installation Of A Foyer Chandelier


A chandelier hung in the entrance of your home greets your guests with dramatic beauty. Whether you have a foyer light there now or not, an electrician can install the wiring necessary to hang the chandelier in just the right spot. Here's what to expect when you have a chandelier installed.

Install A Support Brace

The first step is to remove the old lighting fixture if there is one. After that, it may be necessary to install a support brace in the ceiling to hold the chandelier. Chandeliers are much heavier than traditional overhead lights, and the ceiling might not support its weight until a support brace is installed first. This is a simple process and will prevent a disaster when you least expect it.

Wire The Chandelier

If an old foyer light was removed, then the wiring is already in place for the chandelier. If no light was present, then the electrician has to wire the chandelier and connect it to a wall switch. This gives you the chance to have a dimmer switch installed so you can control the brightness of the light. Running new wiring involves placing the wires above the ceiling for the light and behind the walls for the switch and connecting them to your home's electrical system. This is necessary because you don't want an electrical cord hanging from the chandelier and detracting from its beauty.

One consideration when installing a chandelier is to hang it at just the right height which will vary according to the height of the ceiling. You want ample space for guests to walk under the light yet you want the light low enough to catch the eye and provide ambiance.

Install A Light Lift

If your foyer has a tall ceiling, cleaning the chandelier could be an issue unless you have a light lift installed. This device allows you to lower the chandelier so it can be cleaned or the bulbs changed without having to climb a tall ladder. An electrician installs the light lift at the same time the chandelier is installed. The lift sits above the ceiling in the attic space or another hidden location so it is out of view.

A chandelier is an attractive and classic foyer light that's sure to add a touch of luxury to your home and impress your guests. Chandeliers require considerations not needed for other forms of overhead lighting, so call an electrical contractor to make sure the light is installed properly and will be safe and easy to operate.


27 December 2018

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