How To Maintain The 3 Integral Systems In The Bathroom


Homeowners often take their bathrooms for granted. They're used every single day, often without any hiccup. When complex plumbing issues result, however, you often go into a frenzy. Prevent this from happening by properly maintaining the following systems. 


A significant part of being in the bathroom is washing your hands to combat germs. In order for each faucet to work correctly, you'll need to check for loose parts. Keeping them tight is critical for efficient operation, not to mention preventing burdensome sounds of dripping. 

Limescale is another common enemy for faucets, and it often develops when there are a lot of dissolved minerals in your tap water. A simple solution is to mix some warm water with vinegar. This DIY solution should be strong enough to remove any deposits that have collected over time. For mineral deposits that are really caked onto the surface, gently scrub using a wire brush. 


There is a host of problems that can result in the shower area. For example, the shower head may get clogged and start spraying everywhere. You'll want to address this issue before any water gets onto the floor and ruins it. After unscrewing the shower head, insert a narrow brush inside the holes. You may need to apply some pressure to effectively rid each hole of mineral deposits. 

Mold has a tendency of growing in the shower, as the area is prone to moisture. Instead of using your hands and possibly spreading mold spores all over your house, you'll want to use rubber gloves. After collecting traces of mold and storing them securely in a trash bag, disinfect the entire area with household bleach and baking soda. 


Dealing with toilet issues can be time-consuming and stressful, but not when you hire a professional plumber. They can fix many toilet-related problems, such as a leaking or clogged toilet. Fixing leaks often involves tightening parts and replacing the seal at the bottom of the toilet. 

For clogs, they can insert a device known as a toilet auger. Its flexible coils can navigate your toilet's pipes with no problem. The auger is pushed firmly through the clog, whether there are clumps of hair or piles of tissue paper. 

The bathroom is an important commodity in your home. To keep systems working efficiently and safely, you need to follow a strict protocol. Plumbers are also standing by if you need assistance troubleshooting complex issues. To learn more, visit a website like


11 January 2018

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