Three Reasons To Have An EV Charging Station Installed At Your Business


Electric vehicle charging stations can cost several thousand dollars each to install, but many businesses both small and large are finding that this investment can allow them to reap a multitude of related benefits and end up paying for itself even if they don't charge money for the charging station. (Offering the charging services for free is the best way to attract the most electric vehicle users anyway, because many other places offer the service for free, so you shouldn't plan to make money on that.) Here are three of these benefits that can trickle down to your business if you install a charging station or two at your small business.

1. Get customers to stay longer

Charging an electric vehicle takes time. Some chargers charge faster than others, too, so you can control how much extra time a customer is likely to stay at your business by choosing a faster or slower charger. Of course, some small businesses have very small parking lots--if this is you, you'll have to be careful not to choose a super-slow charger unless you have the type of business where you actually want each customer to hang around all day long.

2. Attract wealthier customers

People who are struggling just to get by are less likely to own electric vehicles, and in fact those who do have electric vehicles are likely to be fairly wealthy. These are exactly the types of people you want to convince to stay at your business for an hour or two while they charge their car, because they may have plenty of leisure money that they could be convinced to spend once you've persuaded them to stop at your business.

3. Get in with the eco-friendly crowd

Many of America's demographics are more concerned about the environment than ever. Millennials, for example, are notoriously green-friendly and tend to think better of a business that they perceive as socially responsible. If you put out EV charging stations, you're making a statement about how much you care for the environment--enough to invest thousands of dollars in facilitating electric vehicle usage in your area. This statement may increase your standing with Millennials and other eco-conscious consumers, even the ones that don't actually own electric vehicles at this point in their lives.

As you can see, putting in an electric vehicle charging station or two can boost your social responsibility cred, attract customers who have cash to burn, and help convince customers to stay at your establishment for longer. Talk with a company like Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc today for more information about these stations.


20 May 2017

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