Safetly Lighting Options For Business Owners


The safety of your customers and staff, along with the security of your building, is of the utmost importance when it comes to your business. There are many ways that lighting can be used to improve both safety and security. The following are a few examples that you may want to integrate into your business.

Security lighting

Outdoor security lighting serves a couple of purposes. A well-lit exterior simply looks more inviting to customers, while making your business less inviting to vandals or thieves that would rather operate under cover of darkness. Security lighting also increases the safety of customers and employees walking between the parking lot and the business after dark. Lights will deter muggers and also reveal any obvious hazards, such as curbs, that could lead to injury.

Step lights

If you have any steps or stairways in your business, consider having integrated step lights installed. These can be placed inside the face of each step or you can have a small light installed into the tread. These lights are especially helpful in areas with dim lighting, such as outdoor entrance ways or stairwells. You may want to combine step lights with banister lighting, as well, since steps and stairs are a common area for accidents to occur. When your electrician is installing these lights, inquire into battery backup. Often these lights are designed to be wired into the emergency lighting backup system of your business, which means they are an important safety feature in the event of an emergency or power outage.

Outage systems

For areas with frequent outages, either due to power grid issues or storms, it's a good idea to have an outage system in place. This system will run your emergency signage and a few select overhead lights so that your staff and employees aren't left in the dark. Your electrician will likely install specific fixtures for outages, which are designed to run on less electricity than your standard light fixtures. The most simple systems are wired into a battery, which you will need to test and replace or recharge periodically. If you need a more in depth system, such as if you also need to run coolers on the backup, you may want to have a gas generator hardwired into the electrical system to run the lights and other outage devices.

For more lighting help or to see which options are best for your business, contact a commercial electrician in your area. To learn more, contact a company like Plymouth Electric Inc


4 August 2016

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