Coming Back On The Grid: What To Expect When You Go Off Grid And Then Want Your Electricity Back


People are going "off grid" more and more. They want to be "unplugged" from the rat race in the big cities and just commune with nature. Some people are completely fine with living months, years, even decades this way, but it is not a lifestyle for everybody. If you have gone off grid, but now you decide you have had more than your fair share of quiet, back-hills life and desperately want your electricity back (at the very least), then here is what you can expect from an electrician and a circuit breaker panel installation.

First, Your Power Source

Unless you live fairly close to a little town, you will have to generate your own power from a power grid. The power grid box that an electrician can install on your property looks just like the boxes in the city that supply power to multiple homes, only yours will be your main source of power. If you get any neighbors close by, they might be wired into your box eventually, but for now, this is yours. To charge the power grid box, you will also need a generator that is able to run on its own, sans electrical power source, so you will have to purchase a gasoline-powered generator. This feeds into the power grid box. To protect the entire kit and kaboodle, most cabin owners in this situation build a shed around the generator and grid box to protect it from the elements and help keep it going without interruptions.

Next, your Circuit Breaker Panel Installation

Your electrician will look for the most reasonable spot in your cabin to place this box. It will need to be secured to a wall so that it cannot fall or move. Once secured, the electrician will begin running wires from the circuit breakers in the box to lights and light switches in your cabin. If you do not have any lights ready for use as ceiling lights, and do not intend to install them, the electrician can create electrical outlets into which you can plug floor lamps and other electronic/electrical devices. The wires for all outlets and switches are run through the walls and back into the circuit breaker panel to the appropriate and corresponding circuit breaker switch. The electrician will test everything before switching the whole system on.

Last, Main Cables Are Run from the Cabin to the Grid Box and Generator Outside

Hopefully, your electrician was able to position the grid box and generator close to your cabin. Otherwise, the cables from your circuit breaker panel will have to run up an anti-lightning rod pole on your cabin roof to the grid box and generator. The cables may also be buried, but this is a major expense, one which most people bypass when they are returning from off-grid because they are not often flush with cash after roughing it for so long.

For more information, contact Pearson Electric, Inc. or a similar company.


4 August 2016

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