Use A Design/Build Service For Your Factory's Electrical Upgrades For A Smoother Construction Experience


If your factory is about to undergo upgrades, including that of the electrical system, you may want to look into design/build services. Industrial electrical systems need to function well and withstand a lot of load day in and day out. If you have the system redesigned and upgraded by the same contractors, you could end up with a sturdier, more stable and reliable system.

Less Confusion Over Plans

When you have one company, such as an architecture firm with electrical engineers on staff, design the new plans only to have a second company do the actual installation, you run the risk of having more confusion develop between those companies and your own. It's not because the plans are bad; it's because there's just one more step in the whole process. It's like a game of telephone; the more people you have transmitting information, the more likely you are to end up with confusion at the end.

But if the same firm designs and installs the new system, it removes a possible point of confusion. The electricians building the system will be more familiar with how the designers in the company plan things out. Plus, if there is any confusion, the electricians don't have to jump through hoops to contact a separate company for clarification -- they just have to contact another department in the same company, and they may even be able to discuss the issue in person instead of via a conference call.

Better Understanding of the Building

One of the steps the designers will have to take is to talk to the owners of the factory building (be they separate owners or you) and find out the quirks and history of the building. Again, that adds yet another point where confusion can seep into the process. If all of these steps are done by the same company, it's easier to arrange for you, the owners (if you're the manager instead of the building owner), the installing electricians, and the designers to all meet at the same time to discuss building history, company needs, local regulations, and so on.

Easier Contact

As mentioned, if the same company works on designing and building the system, it's easier for the builders to contact the designers. But it's also easier for you to contact the company if there is a problem. For example, let's say you have an issue with what the installing electricians are doing, and they say you need to talk to the designers. The designers say you need to talk to the installers.

With two separate companies in the mix, figuring out who is right or who you really need to speak with could be a mess. But if you're using only one company, both of those divisions will have the same higher-ups who can help you sort out the problem. You'd see a resolution much more quickly.

If the contractors, like Brian Thornton Sons Electric, you are interested in using offer design/build services, contact them and see how they coordinate both sides of the project. If you're interested in an electrical contractor or design company that does not offer combined services, still, contact them as they may have special arrangements with another company that let the two function as a design/build company for your project.


3 August 2016

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