Help! Why Are the Lights in My Home Flickering?


Flickering lights in your home could be an indication of electrical issues, unless you have storm activity causing the problem. It is essential to diagnose the problem quickly because it might be annoying, but it also could be dangerous to you and your family. Here's everything you need to know about why your lights might be flickering.

Normal Flickers 

Some bulbs flicker more than others, such as when you turn on a fluorescent light and observe the flicker briefly. It takes that type of bulb longer to reach its peak. If LED lights aren't properly connected to a driver in some dimming systems, then you could also see some flickering.

Lights Flickering in One Area of the Home

A circuit issue could be the culprit if flickering is occurring in the same area of the home to more than one electrical lighting source. It could be because of a neutral or loose hot conductor such as in a switch, a light, a receptacle, or the main electrical panel. Unless you have training, you should have a certified electrician check the circuits.

A Faulty Light Switch

Before you purchase a new light switch, you should check to see if the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet is tripped or on the same circuit that operates the flickering light. The flickers could also be because of a loose terminal connection. It is important to turn off the power to the switch before you begin checking the wires.

Large Appliances 

Large appliances such as air conditioners and furnaces will draw a massive amount of electricity when the startup cycle begins. Once the motor is up to speed, the energy requirement will lower. It is the same logic involved with drawing water from a spigot. This can also cause a slowing down of the water flow in other areas of the home.

The Neighbors' Lights

It is most likely not your imagination if your lights dim when the neighbor's air conditioner turns on; both homes are probably connected to the same main transformer unit in your area. The issue could also be because of undersized wiring between the street and your service panel. It might be worthwhile to have the professionals diagnose the issue. It could mean a problem with the company who installed or inspected the electrical wiring systems to the homes.

These are some of the most common issues of what could cause your lights to flicker in your home. If you have checked what you believe the problems were and come back with no answers, it is probably essential for you to call in a professional such as Etheridge Electric Company Inc to solve the flickering.


3 August 2016

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