Poker Night Done Right: Electrical Improvements For The Game Table


Poker night is a great tradition for family and friends to get together, socialize, and possibly earn a little extra cash. When inviting people over for a night of games and festivities, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. Adding a few electrical upgrades to your poker area can help with long game sessions and the ways that guests relax. The following three upgrades can help with all types of poker games and different types of tables that you may be using.

Floor Outlets

Poker tables are usually set up in the center of a room. This makes it easy for everyone to take a seat around the whole table and also improves the flow of the game. When items need an outlet, it can be frustrating to have to extend cords to walls and create tripping hazards. An electrician can install floor outlets directly underneath a poker table for easy access. These outlets are ideal for plugging in cell phone chargers, electronic card shufflers, or other small accessories needed at the table. By centering the outlets, each player has easy access and can use them without having to get up frequently.

Recessed Lighting

A well-lit poker room allows everyone to see cards without any questions or worries. If your poker area is a little dark, then you can provide full room lighting with the installation of recessed lights. These lights can be evenly spaced out across the ceiling of the room and provide even lighting for each player. Electricians can install lights with a higher wattage so that the room is brighter. This makes it easier to view hands, count chips, and view everything that is going on.

Radiant Floor Heating

For many homes, a poker room is typically located in a basement, garage, or spare room. If this is the case, then the areas may get colder during the winter months. Help keep guests comfortable and relaxed by installing radiant floor heating to your poker room. The electrical heating panels can be cemented right into the surface of the floor. They provide a comfortable heat that rises upwards when turned on. When carpets or rugs are placed over the heating panels, you can provide a warm surface for players in bare feet or socks.

As you budget for the different electrical service upgrades, consider the most important elements to your poker room. This will help you make the best decisions on long-term uses.


2 August 2016

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